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Carpenters Shipping Schedule> update 26.03.2020

Good day!!


Below updated sailing schedule for your planning. All feeder date amended to actual eta on our schedule.



  1. BAF levels – Asia to Pacific :


Container Type
Per 20’ GP Per 40’HC Conventional (Per Rvt)
Mar 2020 USD 700 USD 1400 USD 42.00
Apr 2020 USD 550 USD 1100 USD 33.00


  1. Events in Port Klang :

o   Covid-19: QEL activated internal business continuity plan. All Carpenters Shipping related matters will continue to be monitored and handled during this period.


  1. Others updates:

o   Kweilin to be replaced by Changsha in Singapore effective voy. 2010S

  • Changsha 2010S, 2010N, 2014S, 2014N, & 2018S omit Ho Chi Minh call
  • Soochow 2005S, Siangtan 2006S, Shengking 2003S, Shuntien 2004S omit Ningbo call
  • Orea 2008S phase in in Singapore replacing M. Cameron. Orea 2008N, 2012S, 2016S, & 2020S omits HCM call
  • Shengking 2003S omits Nansha & Rabaul call. Shuntien 2004S, Soochow 2005S, Siangtan 2006S omit Nansha
  • NAT service to call Changshu Port, Shanghai
  • New Guinea Chief 2003S to replace Coronado Bay 2003S for NAX service
  • Cape Nati 2007S, Papuan Chief 2011S & Coral Chief 2009S omit Santo call
  • New Guinea Chief 2010S, Papuan Chief 2006S, 2011S, Highland Chief 2008S & Coral Chief 2009S omit Kaohsiung, Xingang & Qindao calll


 Schedule Summary :


Port of Discharge Mother Vessel / Feeder Vessel Voyage ETA Port Klang ETA KRPUS (Pusan) ETA Port of Discharge Remarks
Motukea Carpenters Sirius 2013S 22-Apr 03-May
Shaoshing 2015S 10-May 21-May
Carpenters Sirius 2017S 02-Jun 14-Jun
Shaoshing 2019S 23-Jun 04-Jul
LAE Orea 2012S 07-Apr 19-Apr on refer
Carpenters Sirius 2013S 22-Apr 07-May
Changsha 2014S 29-Apr 11-May
Shaoshing 2015S 10-May 25-May
Orea 2016S 19-May 01-Jun
Rabaul Carpenters Sirius 2013S 22-Apr 14-May
Shaoshing 2015S 10-May 01-Jun
Carpenters Sirius 2017S 02-Jun 25-Jun
Madang Orea 2012S     07-Apr 01-May   on refer
Changsha 2014S     29-Apr 23-May
Orea 2016S     19-May 13-Jun
Changsha 2018S     10-Jun 05-Jul
Honiara Orea 2012S     07-Apr 23-Apr  on refer
Changsha 2014S     29-Apr 15-May
Orea 2016S     19-May 05-Jun
Changsha 2018S     10-Jun 27-Jun
Port Villa Coral Chief (Feeder) 2009S 10-Apr 01-May 21-May
New Guinea Chief (Feeder) 2010S 24-Apr 16-May 06-Jun
Papuan Chief (Feeder) 2011S 08-May 07-Jun 27-Jun
Highland Chief


2012S 29-May 03-Jul 21-Jul


* “on refer” indicates booking subject to approval only as the voyage is approaching full ship.

Pls do not hesitate to contact us for booking or any clarification.


Mimi                +60 (3) 56236233 /+60 (16) 212 7903

Jeremy             +60 (3) 56236265 / +60 (17) 6938335

Haren               +60 (3) 56236331

Siti                   +60 (3) 56236225

Faizah              +60 (3) 56236226

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Lae port in Papua New Guinea

Lae port is PNG’s largest, busiest, and most important port. It is a gateway linking world markets with PNG and a large hinterland containing 40% of PNG’s population and half of PNG’s economic capacity, including hydrocarbon and mineral resources. Lae port’s cargo throughput has increased by 7.8% annually since 2006. In 2011, the cargo through Lae port is estimated to reach 3.3 million revenue tons, stretching the port to the limit of its capacity.

Lae is now the main industrial hub of Papua New Guinea and have estimated population of 100,000 by 2018. The port is connected by Highland Highway which is the main land transport corridor between the highland region of Papua New Guinea and the coast

DuluxGroup(PNG) headquarters are in Lae, DuluxGroup is a well-known paint and chemicals manufacturers. DuluxGroup have been manufacturing paint and chemicals in PNG for over 40 years.

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Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea


Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby also known as Pom City- is the largest capital city of the Papua New Guinea. It is an important centre of trade due to its strategic location that faces out in to Gulf of Papua. Port Moresby population is estimated to be around 310,000 according to data generated from <> and has average population growth rate of 2% and its considered as one of the rising star in the South Pacific. The government had recently hosted The 26th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting 2018 in the APEC Haus that located on Ella Beach, Port Moresby. As a result, Papua New Guinea has gained great exposure from people all around the world.

In the recent years, the Government of PNG has proposed several building projects in order to further upgrade Port Moresby to attract more foreign investments as well as to create jobs opportunities to the local communities. A new dry dock facility is now in operation at Motukea to further facilitate the Port Moresby operation. Not only that, one of the project known as Star Mountain Plaza is 100% completed in October 2018 and it’s a mega projects that consists of world class convention centre for Papua New Guinea as well as luxury Hilton Hotel that used to host APEC gala dinner 2018. Besides that, one of the mega development project- PAGA Hill Estate is a high end estate plan located in the heart of Port Moresby. This Paga Hill Estate will be the focal point of Port Moresby due to its strategic location that situated on 13.7 hectares of elevated waterfront land in the heart of capital city.  Other projects included OPH Tower, Loloata Island.

More details information available on :







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Amendment of Custom Tariff Rate in Papua New Guinea 2018


There has been significant concerns raised by PNG manufacturers on the stiff competition coming from imported goods. Hence, the Government in an effort to support local manufacturers increased import tariffs on certain tariff items. This Bill is expected to reduce health related issues, enable local manufacturers to compete with foreign manufacturers, increase economic activities and create employment for the local.

These amendments have a significant impact on the import and export markets of PNG. Hence for people who intend to conduct business activities in Papua New Guinea is recommended to visit the official PNG government website.

Details information available :

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Papua New Guinea TOP 10 Exports Products





Papua New Guinea TOP 10 Exports Products

PNG is an Oceanian country situated immediately north of Australia, the Independent State of Papua New Guinea shipped US$10.5 billion worth of goods around the globe in 2017. Based on estimates from the Central Intelligence Agency’s World Factbook, Papua New Guinea’s exported goods plus services represent 47.6% of total Papua New Guinean economic output or Gross Domestic Product.

The top ten products that PNG exports consists of

1) Mineral fuels including oil: US$4.8 billion (45.5% of total exports)

2) Gems, precious metals: $2.1 billion (20.4%)

3) Ores, slag, ash: $914.3 million (8.7%)

4) Wood: $715.4 million (6.8%)

5) Animal/vegetable fats, oils, waxes: $652.5 million (6.2%)

6) Nickel: $363.4 million (3.5%)

7) Fish: $298.1 million (2.8%)

8) Coffee, tea, spices: $203.5 million (1.9%)

9) Meat/seafood preparations: $185.1 million (1.8%)

10) Cocoa: $82.1 million (0.8%)

These top ten exports products are highly concentrated which account for about 98.5% of the overall value of PNG global shipments.

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Madang Port in Papua New Guinea

Madang is a capital of Madang Province in the PNG with estimated population of 30,000. Madang Port is located at the north coast of PNG. Madang is viewed by many in PNG as a safer and friendlier city for foreigners as compare to Lae and Port Moresby. As a result, Madang have more expatriates working in the city and many NGO has located their offices in the city. The Madang Port is relatively small in size and it is able to accommodate vessel up to 500 feet in length. Pilotage is required when vessel entering the Madang Port.

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